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Ecological web hosting

I do many things to try and stay ‘green’. I’m a fastidious recycler of glass, plastic, paper, clothes, shoes, chargers — you name it — and in recent years I’ve improved my habits at energy conservation, switching devices fully off overnight, only boiling the amount of water I need for my cup of tea and fanatically switching lights off when …
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Why isn’t online banking better?

No this isn’t a rant about the bad usability and user experience of online banking. Or the generally poor design. Or even the stagnating development cycles, the 1999 interfaces, the lack of accessibility or the flagrant disregard for standard-based, best-practice coding. No, I’m wondering why, in 2010, none of the following features are available on my online banking service: Drill …
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How to fall in love with Twitter in 5 easy steps

I did a presentation today on the power of Twitter as a marketing and communications tool – might as well blog it. Credits below How to fall in love with Twitter in 5 easy steps Step 1 – Introductions Upon asking a room of 30 people to raise their hand if they’d heard of Twitter – most hands shot up …
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b right on

I love arriving in Brighton. I feel all at peace. When you’re in Brighton, you never feel like you’re missing out. My hotel, Queens, is a staggering mid-week bargain with huge rooms, views of the seafront and a even a modest gym and swimming pool (where reception staff will stamp on your glasses at no extra cost – another story). …
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God meets Geek

You wouldn’t have expected me to find a connection between Internet World at Earls Court and Evensong at St Bride’s, Fleet Steet would you? And yet a connection was thrown right into my lap, courtesy of one of the more thoughtful and accessible sermons I’ve heard in church for a long time. [ order viagra online | purchase cialis next …
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My tweets

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