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Day 5: Bazaar and more bizarre

So if I can survive on 4-5 hours sleep a night on holiday, why can’t I do it back home? Surprisingly enough, we all got up, had breakfast and took ourselves and our hangovers out for one last excursion. We headed for the Grand Bazaar and purchased obligatory gifts for friends and rellies. The novelty of haggling things down to …
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Sleep deprivation and choral hooliganism: Istanbul day 4

Little sleep last night and early dress rehearsal for concert tonight. Not clever. Still I’m not the only one; we’re in it together plus there’s a long break this afternoon to catch up on sleep. Another balmy sunny day – anything up to 20 degrees I would estimate — so we take a ferry across the golden horn to the …
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I had visitors. Day 3.

I had visitors. At 05:30. Rob and Eve, still partying hard, were very insistent that I join them for beer and raki. Erm – no thanks. When I got back to sleep an hour later, nine o’clock didn’t seem as much of a lie-in as it had the previous evening… Still, I was in a better state than the dirty …
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Istanbul, Day Two

After a hearty breakfast of questionable sausages, we were taken by coach to our rehearsal venue – Borusan BMW showroom in the middle of f-ing nowhere. Yes BMW sponsor the Istanbul Orchestra and as part of the deal offer an auditorium for them to rehearse in on-site. You could imagine similar things in the UK. No, hold on… The first …
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Istanbul, Day One

In spite of some nettlesome flight/airport/connections-related niggles we’re here in Istanbul. And it’s great. Contrary to reports, the weather is exceptionally clement – akin to the uk earlier this February. We found a basic but welcoming eaterie in town last night – couldn’t tell what we had — no menus — but by all accounts this was an authentic introduction …
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