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I mean… who won the war? ;-)

I rarely think that European music works well in choral evensong and this week’s broadcast from Eton College Chapel is a case in point. But if choirs are wont to make a ‘theme’ of this (Introit: Reger; Canticles: Praetorius and Schutz; Anthem: Brahms) — I wonder why not commit fully and do German responses (in German?!) and German chants too …
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Dublin Day 3

One of the things that struck me about Evensong on Saturday was the slick, no-nonsense approach of the liturgy. The prayers were about 3 minutes long which, heathen as it sounds, I think is ample. But even that aside, everything just generally flowed — no pregnant ‘reflective’ pauses (which have the effect of appearing that someone’s forgotten their lines) — …
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Dublin Day 2

What a strange feeling waking up on a choir trip with no hangover! I feel a bit like I’m cheating. Another glorious day; those of us of an optimistic disposition are thankful (smug?) we packed shorts and sandals. The coach takes us direct to the cathedral bright and early, in time to start rehearsing at 10. We’re singing music which …
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Easter in Perth

“He wants to speak to me at 7 o’clock on the morning. What is he a giant lark?” That was Toby’s Easter morning greeting, rousing me from my slumber — not unrepresentative of our exchanges of the past two weeks which have been almost exclusively in Blackadder or Fry and Laurie quotations. The early rise was in aid of singing …
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Good Friday singing with Perth Cathedral choir

Well it should have been good. It should have been a highlight. Exquisite feast of Lenten polyphony – Allegri miserere, Tallis Lamentations, Sheppard Media Vita. Excellent choir, a mix of pros and gifted amateurs and a talented new director of music. Beautiful building and an honour to participate in Holy Week worship in a foreign land. But. I sang like …
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