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Sydney will you marry me?

I loooove Australia. Every time I visit it feels like coming home. And in my opinion Sydney is the jewel in its crown and as close to perfect a city as you can get. Any city that esteems an opera house its cultural and architectural apogee and where the life criss-crosses above, below and alongside a waterway is always going …
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Another day in Singapore

Well it turns out I DID get a second day of remote working after all – though┬ánot by design… My day started well, waking up on time, tired but acclimatising to the timezone, easily hailing a taxi for the airport, having the friendliest cabbie give me a driving tour of Singapore pointing out the 50-storey surf board shaped hotel and …
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G'day and welcome to evensong sport!

The single biggest disappointment of the trip, I have to say was Choral Evensong at Sydney Cathedral. It was mostly funny – but really, it shouldn’t be about entertainment so it doesn’t really make up for it! First off, in stark contrast to the catholic cathedral near my hostel, there is no atmosphere of prayer or stillness or quiet that …
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Opera house tour and tickets quest

I just had a brilliant tour round the opera house — people said this would be a highlight and they weren’t wrong. Fascinating hearing about the design by Utzon, that found itself in the ‘rejected’ pile originally, what an engineering feat it was to realise it, and how he fell out of favour with the Australian government as it overran …
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A gym room with a view

Well I’ve made it to the gym two mornings running now. I was right in my guess that aussie gyms would be better than UK ones. I haven’t made it to the one that overlooks Bondi yet — I’ll just have to settle for the one with the view of Sydney Harbour bridge :-) The gym was all well and …
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