Another day in Singapore

Well it turns out I DID get a second day of remote working after all – though not by design…

My day started well, waking up on time, tired but acclimatising to the timezone, easily hailing a taxi for the airport, having the friendliest cabbie give me a driving tour of Singapore pointing out the 50-storey surf board shaped hotel and the humungous answer to the London Eye, and arriving punctually at the airport.

I was even early enough to attempt my pre-flight plan — grab some breakie, take a tour to the highly talked-up terminal 3 (1 min by skytrain) and check emails before my 09:30 flight, with Friday evening in Sydney only a few hours away.

So I go and check the departures board and the only Sydney flight I can see is for 19:15. ‘Surely some mistake… where’s mine?’

Oh right that IS mine. Just shy of 10 hours delayed.

Bonkers, but here’s the thing. The flight from Heathrow was only about four hours behind schedule. But leaving at that time we’d arrive in Sydney in the middle of the curphew — no flights allowed in or out between 11pm and 6am (which I approve as a general rule). So we’ve got to wait until such a time as we’ll arrive at 0600 (joy) — and that just happens to be nearly ten hours away.

Bless them Jenny and Kit have said they’ll come and pick me up regardless which will be most welcome.

Meantime Qantas looked after us very well, seeing every passenger off to the 4* Carlton Hotel with a private bedroom, breakfast and lunch vouchers (buffet – get in!), swimming pool and £10 unlimited wifi. It was a pleasant enough interlude and ensured I really am on top of all my admin so as to just get on with holiday once I get to Oz.

Now, back on the coach to the airport along with all my passengers. Wow, you don’t conceive how many people a plane holds until you see them filling 3 coaches, one a double decker!
Also whenever I’m in this kind of extended-delay-situation with a bunch of air travellers, I feel an eerie parallel with Lost — the current scenario is reminiscent of those pre-takeoff flashbacks where you see how their actions intersect prior to actually meeting each other on the island. I find myself spinning forward to a future reality where I’m shipwrecked with this people for the next 12 months and then trying to work out whether we’ve got a Jack or Locke amongst our number. Who would I be..?

Anyway I digress.

Hilariously, as I’m typing this, my iPhone calendar, still on UK settings, has flashed up with the ‘Flight from Changi 0930’ alert I set a while back. With the UK eight hours behind, a taunting reminder of the delay time.

Ho hum, the pattern so far seems to be towards complication-heavy journeys and complication-free and highly joyful destinations — and if it stays like that i can live with it.

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