A gym room with a view

Well I’ve made it to the gym two mornings running now. I was right in my guess that aussie gyms would be better than UK ones.

I haven’t made it to the one that overlooks Bondi yet — I’ll just have to settle for the one with the view of Sydney Harbour bridge :-)

The gym was all well and good – family guy and futurama back to back on one of the screens, what’s not to love? — but I couldn’t see the weights. Perhaps none? Perhaps a very small room tucked away. I enquired politely, careful not to offend ‘do you have a weights room or anything?’ – ‘yes, the floor upstairs’. Floor?! – it was HUGE!! Probably bigger than the whole of Fitness First in Bristol. Not to cram in more machines but just for more space and comfort. And that’s kind of Australia.

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